New EV Owners: A few Tips You Should Know

July 23, 2023

Bengaluru, India

You made the best decision for the planet as well as your wallet by purchasing an electric vehicle. Now, you must be wondering, what comes next? First of all, welcome to a life of sustainable driving, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and quiet engines.

Listed below are a few EV tips that might help you maximize your electric scooter’s potential and give you the best possible experience. 

1. How to boost your EV's range?

Range is an extremely important stat. It is the distance your EV can cover on a single charge. The range could vary depending on various factors, particularly the environment, and your personal riding habits. For example, the faster and more aggressively you ride your scooter, the more power an electric motor will consume. 

So, here’s how to get the most miles whenever y1ou hit the road. 

  • Be a smooth driver: Taking the path of least resistance is always going to be beneficial, for example, flat and smooth terrains instead of going off-road or up a hill.

  • Pressure check: Always keep tire pressures in check.

  • Limit sudden acceleration and deceleration while riding. Instead, accelerate gradually and maintain a constant speed for as long as possible.

  • Don’t overload the scooter, avoid carrying more weight than is necessary. 

  • Leverage your EV’s regenerative braking function when you stop, and use the brakes only when necessary. Enable your vehicle’s maximum regenerative setting to send extra power back to the vehicle’s batteries while decelerating.

With a top speed of 55* km/hr, Ampere’s electric scooters offer you a High Range of 100* kms on a single charge and you may make the most of it with the help of the tips given above.

2. Ways to extend your EV's battery life

The most integral, and costly part of your EV is the battery and its performance weakens gradually over its lifetime. However, if it is well maintained, the battery’s life can be extended to last longer. These are some tips that might help ease the battery anxiety felt by a new EV owner.

  • Do not park your EV in the hot sun, as this could harm the battery; it’s ideal to park in the shade. 

  • Avoid letting the charge regularly drop below 40%. Routinely exhausting a battery’s charge will decrease its capacity more rapidly over time. 

  • Charging it to 100 percent each time can also lower its lifetime.

  • Leave your vehicle in the garage when it’s cold; freezing temperatures can briefly decrease the battery’s range.

  • Other ways to safeguard the battery include avoiding forceful braking, riding over rough terrain, or charging in direct sun. Time your battery charge. It helps avoid overcharging or undercharging it.

Ampere EVs come with a convenient & easily detachable, advanced Lithium Battery. These give high energy densities and are fairly simple to maintain. You can extend your battery’s lifespan by practising these basic tips. 

3. Charging your electric vehicle

Perhaps the best part of buying an electric vehicle has to be the freedom from fuel but at the same time, one of the fundamental worries a new EV owner might have is the ability to charge their vehicle. Below are a few things you can practice while doing so.

  • Always charge under a cover and out of direct sunlight.

  • Charge with approved and authorised chargers only. Unauthorised chargers might affect the battery life.

  • Do not keep your vehicle constantly connected to the charger even after fully charged. Overcharging is not recommended as the battery capacity may possibly be affected.  

  • Don’t immediately connect your charger after you come from a ride. Let the battery cool down for some time.

  • Avoid riding immediately after charging, since your battery may still be hot from charging and going on a ride straight away will heat it up more. 

Ampere permits you to charge your vehicle from home, workplaces, coffee shops and public charging spots - basically anywhere with a socket. It takes around 6-7 hours to completely charge and runs 100+* km on a single charge. 

4. Planning your routes efficiently

It’s not only a question of how far you go in your EV, it is also how you get there. The more time you spend on high-speed routes, the more energy you’ll require and the quicker your predicted range will collapse. 

So, to avoid such a situation, it is best to plan out your route before you ride. 

  • Mass is usually the enemy of efficiency, so minimise the extra weight and make sure your electric vehicle is as light as possible. 

  • Stay away from areas known for heavy traffic. 

  • It might take less time to get to a given point by riding on the highway, but you can maximise your vehicle’s range by choosing a route that allows you to drive consistently at lower speeds. 

  • Going up steep slopes or mountains also can use more energy than a flatter path.

Be it riding on bumpy, greasy or rough roads - Ampere Evs are built for Indian terrain. Still, listed above are a few tips that you can follow to plan more efficient, careful routes. 

5. How to properly store your EV

A huge part of maintaining your EV is storing it appropriately. It will not only leave your vehicle in a decent condition but also, eventually, extend its lifespan. The great news is that it’s fairly easy to store your EV at home.

  • Keep your EV clean. Corrosive materials such as road salt, oil, and various chemicals can gather in some parts of your unit. Wiping the parts, particularly under the deck, with a towel will get the job done.

  • Always store your EV in a cool place; an ideal temperature is ideally around 25°C. Both high and low temperatures can be adverse to the life of your battery. 

  • Charge before you store. Storing your EV without charging can affect your battery performance once you use it again.

Ampere EVs are sleek and compact yet stylish which makes their storage extremely easy and hassle free. Stated above are a few tips that could be useful to you to properly store your electric vehicles. 

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